Song Lyrics and Arrangements

The Tunnel Rats have created song lyric sheets with chords and arrangements in Google Docs.  Although the documents are shared publicly, you may have to log into Google to be able to see and download the documents on some devices.  By keeping our master lyrics on Google Docs, the latest versions are always available.

  • You’ve Got 30 days – [Lyrics]
  • Throw It in The Door – [Lyrics]
  • Powder Blue – [Lyrics]
  • Home is Where the C-Rats Are – [Lyrics]
  • Squeeze Me Like a Claymore – [Lyrics] 
  • He Can’t Go Back Home From Vietnam – [Lyrics] 
  • I Was There Last Night – [Lyrics]
  • The Rest of Us – [Lyrics]
  • It’s All In Your Head – [Lyrics available soon]
  • I Grew Up in A Bad Neighborhood – [Lyrics]
  • You’re Not Alone – [Lyrics]
  • You Killed My Rhododendrons – [Lyrics available soon]
  • It’s a Good Place To Go – [Lyrics available soon]
  • MIA: I’ll Be Right Back – [Lyrics]
  • As Long as the Black Granite Stands – [Lyrics]
  • The Sound of Angel’s Wings – [Lyrics]
  • Set Her Down Easy  – [Lyrics]