VIETNAM: The Journey Continues – Release Date, May 18th, 2016.

Sid Orr, Robin Daniel, and Libby Wilson, (The Tunnel Rats) collaborated on the words and music for this CD.  Our goal is to help our veterans who served “in country” and continue to deal with the difficulties of coming home.

CDs $10.00 (USD)+ shipping

Listen to track samples below.

1. Throw it in the Door

2. It’s All In Your Head

3. Powder Blue

4. I Was There Last Night

5. I Grew Up In A Rough Neighborhood

6. The Rest Of Us

7. Home Is Where The C-Rats Are

8. He Can’t Go Back Home From Vietnam

9. You’re Not Alone

VIETNAM: The Journey REBOOTED – Release Date November 1, 2013, ReBooted September 2017.

Original Vietnam Ballads written by Vietnam Veteran, Sid Orr, “A Three Chord Poet”

CD Cover - Vietnam: The Journey - Rebooted

CDs $10.00 (USD) + shipping

Listen to track samples below

1. You’ve Got Thirty Days

2. Powder Blue

3. Mia Song: I’ll Be Right Back

4. It’s a Good Place to Go

5. Squeeze Me Like a Claymore

6. He Can’t Go Back Home

7. The Sound of Angel’s Wings

8. As Long as That Black Granite Stands

9. You’re Not Alone

Both CDs are available as a set

CD Covers for 2 Album Set

2 CD Set $20.00 (USD) + shipping